Cardiovascular Issues

Heart Health Has Many Dimensions

Your cardiovascular health is important to you, and it’s important to David and his team at TD Wellness. Our services are designed to work with you to gain understanding and control of your health through an individualized program of assessment and counseling.

A balanced diet of foods that make your body feel good is only part of the equation when it comes to your total health and wellness. David’s strategy for whole­-body wellness often includes assessing and addressing a client’s cardiovascular health and fitness, as well as their eating habits. If you are ready to put your cardiovascular health first and make your wellness a priority, the Cardiovascular counseling service is an effective place to start. Nobody is offering an easy solution here, but the collected components of this program together certainly make the process of reclaiming your health more manageable. Engaging with TD Wellness to enhance your cardiovascular health will give you access to a slew of useful resources that address your health and wellness from a multiple of angles.


Personalized with Your Health in Mind

Cardiovascular health requires personal client attention by providing:

  • One­-on-­one nutrition counseling and balance­ based learning
  • Individualized fitness counseling and coaching
  • Personalized structured and FLEXIBLE meal planning
  • Understanding food and medicine interactions
  • Discovering foods to enhance your cardiovascular health
    • Monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and omega­ 3 fats
    • Unhealthy trans and saturated fats
    • Adequate sugar and sodium levels for heart health
  • Mindful and relaxation techniques and approaches
  • Support based groups and programs

Becoming Mindful

As always, David and his team work with individuals as they really are, and work to avoid a one-­size­-fits­-all wellness mentality. Mindful and intuitive eating approaches are key pieces of any healthy balance strategy, and more importantly David will help you use this approach to begin to manage your cardiovascular risk factors.

With any our services, clients have access to a number of useful support groups, including those for bariatric surgery, diabetes care, eating disorders, and mindfulness practices.