Corporate Wellness

Keeping Employees Healthy Makes Cents

More and more, employers ranging from small business to large corporations are learning that providing their employees with health and wellness services is good for both company owners and their employees. Research shows that organizations can expect a consistent return on investment for providing corporate wellness programs. For a start, organizations that provide these services routinely see lower healthcare costs than those who do not. But employees that feel cared for at work are also much more likely to want to stay in their current workplace, making higher employee retention a reality for many companies that choose to offer wellness programs. At TD Wellness, we can provide your place of business with personalized wellness services that will pay off for both workers and managers.

Corporate Wellness

Programs that Work for Your Workplace

Custom Wellness Solutions

Worksite wellness is measured in many different ways. Depending on your organization’s health and fitness needs and interests, TD Wellness can provide your employees with a customized wellness program to assist in rising healthcare costs and employee retention.

Strategic Consultation and Evaluation

We will engage with your organization, wellness champions, Human Resources, or operations departments to determine what services will provide you and your employees with the best value and outcomes.

Educational Seminars

Targeted educational seminars that help participants feel empowered about their own health. We provide valuable information about achieving and maintaining wellness in a way that makes sense and sticks with clients. These engaging 45-­60 minute sessions can be tailored to your desired topics and can be delivered live in­-person to employee groups, virtually through webinars, or recorded and narrated for later viewing. Some popular past sessions have included:

  • Sugar Shock! Our New American Diet
  • Eating Out? Choose Healthy
  • ​Staying Healthy On­-the-­Go
  • Super Brain Foods
  • Getting the Nutrition Facts
  • ​Establishing Heart Healthy Habits
  • ​Understanding Your Health Numbers
  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
  • and many more…

Group Fitness Sessions

Group fitness is a great way to add fun and camaraderie to any office environment. We can accommodate many class styles and preferences you would like to host, including such offerings as yoga or stretching, cross­-training, dancing, exercise­-bands, walking for fitness, and more. Sessions are usually 30-­90 minutes, and can be made to tailored to your group’s fitness needs. We can also facilitate office fitness challenges, which are great for health and morale.

Smoking Cessation

This five-­session seminar is geared toward tobacco users who would like to reclaim their health and their positive habits. We focus on replacing harmful behaviors with alternative healthy ones. The TD Wellness Smoking Cessation program has seen as much as a 60% success rate! The return on investment of just ONE person quitting can pay for all wellness programs combined. We use a dual approach of actively addressing nicotine addiction as well as the emotional or psychological hooks to tobacco.

One­-on­-one Wellness Coaching

For the most impressive results, one-on-one individual wellness coaching has been proven more effective than any other type of distance nutrition counseling. We come to you and produce great results.

Corporate Wellness

Healthy Habits Lead to Healthy Lifestyles

Lifestyle Programs

  • Shape Healthy Program: A six to ten week program designed to equip participants with the skills needed to manage their weight. The program meets for an hour each week and can include a combination of lifestyle education and physical activity.
  • Living Well with Diabetes: A three-session seminar designed to help those with diabetes understand how to manage their disease effectively. Methods discussed include medication management, diet patterns, and more.
  • TD Wellness Tobacco Cessation: ​This four­-session seminar is geared toward tobacco users who would like to reclaim their health and their positive habits.

Wellness Champion Support Groups: A train­-the­-trainer program that focuses on peer wellness champions that serve as a liaisons to employer and employee groups, with the goal of delivering support, access, and ideas to enhance employee wellness.