Living Positively with a Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes currently affects millions of adults living in the United States and the number of pre-diabetic adults is also rising. While these numbers may seem discouraging, there is a lot to be hopeful about. Lifestyle changes have been shown to have a profound effect on diabetes symptoms, and even more so when it comes to disease prevention. If you or a loved one is pre-diabetic, or currently living with diabetes, then our TD Wellness team would like to be a resource for you during your journey to better health.


Managing Diabetes in a Way That’s Right for YOU

As part of the successful and popular Services, we offer a proven course of individualized support in managing and prevention of diabetes, with the end goal of an effective, positive, and peaceful management of diabetes. David and his team understand that different clients respond best to different types of treatment. As with all of our Services, clients have access to:​

  • One­-on­-one nutrition counseling and therapy
  • Training in intuitive eating and mindfulness practices
  • ​Fitness assessments, goal setting, planning
  • ​Gut health assessment and management
  • Meal planning and glucose monitoring
  • Many more diverse and individualized steps toward success

Our services and programs are geared specifically toward those concerned with issues around pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, however, it also provides participants with a wealth of diabetes-­specific resources and opportunities for support. For people at risk of developing diabetes, those with pre­-diabetes, and for the family members that support you, TD Wellness offers counseling and individualized approaches to managing blood sugar, avoiding behaviors that puts people at risk for developing diabetes, learning mindful approaches to eating in line with your values, and building a positive relationship to food. One of the things that makes David’s clients so happy, is the fact that he does not believe in one­size­-fits all approaches, and works with clients to restructure their thinking enough to ditch that all­-or-­nothing approach associated with diets.


Learning to Live Peacefully with Diabetes

For those clients who are currently living with diabetes, TD Wellness works to put your destiny back in your hands – providing education and training on self-management of diabetes. We believe that knowledge is a powerful tool in managing disease, so clients are provided with ways to confidently learn how to manage their blood sugar and symptoms, and still enjoy life. With balanced eating and new insight into your medications in relation to the disease, you gain invaluable tools to work and live peacefully with this illness. Individualized nutrition counseling is provided in order to find specific methods that clients will be able to actually use and maintain in their complicated lifestyles. Finally, as with any of our services, clients have access to a number of useful TD Wellness community support groups, including those for bariatric surgery, diabetes care, eating disorders, and more general mindfulness practices.