Drop the Diet Mindset, and now Shape Healthy

With all these diets popping up on all our computer and mobile screens, how can anyone find the promise of quick weight loss unappealing? You read claims saying “trim this, belly fat that, lose weight in 10 days,” and the list of dieting propaganda goes on. Usually, diets promote the elimination of certain foods and/or the restriction of daily calories. Extreme approaches to dieting such as avoiding foods deemed as “bad,” or strictly eating at a particular time opposed to eating when feeling signs of hunger, may cause someone to obsessively think about food and not realize it.

The obsession with foods means to stay continually preoccupied with mind consuming thoughts of when to eat, where to eat, and what to eat. The constant worries of food classified as either “good” or “bad” may spiral into a habit of compulsively counting calories, and tracking every single bite of food in fear of weight gain. Some dieters may choose to remove certain foods from their diets, such as sweetened desserts, but the elimination of foods that were once part of someone’s regular diet could lead to feelings of food deprivation and increased stress levels. Increased stress from the battling avoidance of certain foods that were once enjoyable to what is now demonized as bad for you foods has shown to cause behavioral patterns of binge eating or overeating, in which negatively impacts body weight. In many cases, these issues seem to start out harmless with signs of cravings for something sweet, fatty, or crunchy but progressively become more severe the more people diet.

With that said, stop dieting and start living. Forget about rigid meal plans and professionals telling you what to eat and how to eat, but instead, learn the key principles necessary to start the journey of feeling happier and healthier.

The Shape Healthy Program focuses on just that, putting joy back into food, and helping you manage your health and weight while establishing a positive relationship with food and eating. The food on your plate is your choice, and Shape Healthy offers the tools you need to improve your health and wellness goals. Shape Healthy provides positive motivation and guidance to eat intuitively and balanced. We guide people to enjoy life and physical activity, manage stress, and learn to regain trust around food. Compared to other programs, Shape Healthy is cost effective, interactive, motivational, and meets weekly to continually provide support and education to ensure that you are indeed working in the right direction.

In addition, a nationally accredited registered dietitian nutritionist facilitates Shape Healthy. David Orozco is also Health Fitness Specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine, and a certified Intuitive Eating counselor, and alongside with the support from nutrition associates at TD Wellness, we provide evidence based research to appropriately facilitate the behavioral changes needed to improve health and wellness. All we need from you are motivation, and the readiness and willingness to make such changes that will positively impact your overall well-being.

Leave behind the gimmicks and endless diets, and sign up today for this seven week program promoting a healthier and happier you. Stay tuned for weekly blogs on our website TD Wellness and “LIKE” us on FaceBook for tips on all things nutrition, culinary, fitness, and health related!