Yes, we have a team of RDNs, psychologist, health professionals, and fitness experts and we offer a suite of corporate wellness product and services. Our services include education sessions, webinars, onsite one-on-one coaching, virtual coaching, fitness sessions, and cooking demos as well as program design services. Please visit our Corporate Wellness page or Contact Us, email at info@tdwellness.com, or give us a call. We will be happy to set up a time to present our products and services to your HR or corporate wellness team.

At TD Wellness, we follow strict HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines. All client information is stored on our secure electronic health system (EHS/EHR), and only TD Wellness staff has access. All clients sign a HIPAA Policy and Procedure form with TD Wellness, and we make every effort to secure all personal and private information.

At TD Wellness we love working with physicians and all healthcare providers to enhance their clients health and wellbeing. You can refer your clients or patients through various means. Please visit our Physician and Health Professional Referral page where you will find our referral form and contact information. If you are a physician and have a Medicare participant, Medicare requires that we also receive the clients’ referral form with ICD10 codes, labs, chart information, and insurance. We would also be happy to fax your office a copy of our referral form, or visit your office personally and provide our referral forms, brochures, and business cards. At TD Wellness we believe a referral from you or your staff is a smarter option since many clients/patients may forget or have little time to initiate an appointment. We are happy to work with your staff to find the most efficient and convenient way to work with your clients or patients.

Yes, we welcome all physician and health professional referrals. We can send your provider updates on your progress as you wish. You decide the level of communication you would like for us to provide your provider. We believe that working collaboratively with you and your healthcare team can save time, money, and prevent complications to your health over time. We also have a list of physicians, psychologist and therapists, and other healthcare professionals that we work with that we can refer to you as well.

Insurance plans vary widely, especially when it comes to specialty coverage. As Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN), we are categorized as specialist, and most plans cover nutrition visits. If we are a provider for your insurance, we verify your plan to determine nutrition coverage and the number of visits allowed prior to the initial consultation. It’s been our experience that most plans cover at least a few visits so if you have insurance we will need your date of birth, plan ID or membership number, a copy of your insurance card and ID, to allow us to verify coverage prior to the initial consultation. This way you will know in advance what is covered and how much you will pay out of pocket. If your plan doesn’t cover nutrition consultations, we can provide our consultation fees and packages so that you can choose what will work best for you. Another option would be using a Health Savings Account or a Flexible Savings Account (HSA or FSA) if your employer offers one. In most cases they (HSA/FSA) will allow you to use that money to pay for nutrition consultations with a RDN. If we are not a provider for your insurance plan, but your plan does cover nutrition consultations, we will be happy to provide you with a reimbursement form for each visit that you can then send to your insurance company for reimbursements for your visits with us.

At TD Wellness, we focus on behavior change. Weight is the outcome that depends on the changes an individual makes. Those clients that incorporate healthy behaviors may more likely lose some weight or see health improvements. At TD Wellness, we believe that weight is only one outcome of proper nutrition. As example, we look at changes in a client’s eating pattern, improved sleep patterns, more energy, better focus, positive mood change, better relations with partners or friends and family, and greater productivity at work. There is so much more to health than weight. While we help many clients lose weight, we also take a more holistic approach.

At TD Wellness, we work with you on your eating patterns and food choices, and build a meal pattern that you will enjoy because it’s chosen by you and guided by us. This way, you develop a positive relationship with food and eating. This approach is more comprehensive than traditional meal plans that are often less productive. Meal plans can often cause self-judgment and force people to choose foods or meals they wouldn’t usually eat, or cause people to lose trust in themselves. However, we understand the importance of a meal plan and how it can guide a person to make healthier choices.

Each client is different, but most clients meet with us several times a year. It all depends on your needs. As example, some people with complex medical or health conditions request five to eight visits, while others just need a tweak to their diet or eating and have two to three visits. There are also clients that like a more therapeutic approach and prefer more visits. Regardless, we determine a minimum with you at the first visit, and then assess the number of visits as the work progresses. Another factor that may affect the number of visits is your insurance plan. Some plans allow up to as many as 26 visits in one calendar year, while other plans may only allow three or none. We verify all insurance plans prior to the initial visit. Whatever your needs, we will work with you.

Consultations are individualized and tailored based on your personal goals. During the initial consult, the focus will be to understand your needs and review your current health and lifestyle practices. We will also review your food and activity journal in order to adequately guide the recommendations and therapy approaches that will work for you. We assess the best course of action or treatment based on your feedback during the consultations, then we monitor, evaluate, tweak, and motivate on your nutritional transformation and journey. Your initial consultation will take about an hour. Follow-up consultations are approximately 45 minutes.

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is a nutritionist that has special credentials and training, but anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, even those with no formal training. In order for a RDN to receive his/her credentials they have to graduate from a college or university and completed a DPD (Didactic Practice in Dietetics) program, much like a physical, occupational, or a licensed therapist. Didactic Programs in Dietetics are only accredited by ACEND (Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics). That RDN must also complete 1200 hours of a supervised practice (internship) that are also only accredited by ACEND, and these internships are a major component of the RDN’s training. It’s similar to a physician or nurse doing an internship or residency. After completion of the internship the student must take and pass the registration examination for RDNs, which is administrated by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

A guided video overview: https://youtu.be/Lwyc_hDVlEg

At TD Wellness we offer a variety of nutrition consulting options such as one-on-one nutrition consultations and corporate wellness programs. Our main focus is to work with people to find nutrition and health goals that will enhance their life and wellbeing. Please visit any one of our pages for more information.