Gut Health

Our Bodies Are Intricate Machines

The human digestive system is capable of doing an incredible amount of work every day just to turn the food we eat into the energy and building blocks we need to live our lives. But what happens when something in our complex digestive system goes wrong? Or what happens when our body simply does not respond well to the food we feed it? The root causes of digestive issues are as complex and varied as the people who experience them. In collaboration with your doctor(s), David and his staff of caring individuals can assist you in learning how your unique physical system should be treated in order to get you feeling better and healthier on a daily basis.

Gut Health

Finding What’s Right for Your Body

As with any of our effective and popular services, the TD Wellness strategy for managing digestive issues is designed around an individualized approach to balanced and mindful eating and fitness for your health. Although the best way to tackle your health is dependent on figuring out your individual needs and an approach that will fit your complicated life. Most of David’s clients find some combination of the following options to be just the support they need in order to find success:

  • Individual and ongoing nutrition and fitness counseling
  • Structured and flexible meal­plans such as
    • ​Low FODMAP protocol
    • ​Gluten-­Free programs
    • ​Food sensitivities
    • ​Elimination protocols
    • ​Others…
  • Non­-diet nutrition guidelines that can help reduce symptoms
  • ​Help understanding the metabolic effects of certain foods
  • ​Help understanding evidence-­based diets and meal plans for healthy digestion
  • ​Tactics for a successful baby­-step approach
  • ​Intuitive and mindful eating counseling, therapy, and support
  • ​Additional help managing complications and challenges
Gut Health

Foods that Make Your Tummy Smile

TD Wellness dietitians have expertise in assisting you with such digestive conditions as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and gastroparesis, to name a few. Whether you are experiencing unexplained digestive issues, or one of these serious conditions, careful, gut­-healthy eating and nutrition is an effective part of treatment and symptom reduction. Clients seeking help for digestive issues will receive valuable education in stomach-­friendly food choices. For instance, clients can learn which foods to eat to avoid “FODMAPS,” (an acronym for a type of difficult-­to-­digest carbohydrate) and how to make use of pro and pre-­biotics to get and keep a healthy “gut microbiome,” meaning a digestive system with balanced bacteria levels. Finally, as with any of our services, clients have access to a number of useful TD Wellness community support groups, including those for bariatric surgery, diabetes care, eating disorders, and more general mindfulness practices.