Kidney Disease

Take Steps Toward Prevention and Management

Why is it important to you to develop healthy habits? Many of us want something as simple as to look good and feel good in our own skin. Many of us want long life and mobility. And many people are even looking to take powerful steps toward disease prevention and management. If you are currently dealing with one of the early stages of kidney disease, or are at an elevated risk for developing kidney disease, for instance, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes and/or high blood pressure, then you are a prime candidate for making positive changes to your life in partnership with David and services focused around preventing and managing the effects of kidney disease.

Kidney Disease

Take Charge of Your Own Kidney Health

The Shape Healthy Renal (Kidney) program is a cornerstone of TD Wellness’ approach to health and disease prevention. David and his team advocate the use of education, informative training sessions, and providing greater access to information about our own internal bodies as the best way to put clients in charge of their own kidney health. The goal is to use lessons in mindful and intuitive eating, as well as structured yet flexible individual meal planning to teach clients to manage their kidney function through careful consumption of nutrients. Through individualized counseling and guidance, clients can replace old negative habits with a new and positive relationship to food and eating.

No matter your age or current health, anyone can learn what it takes to lessen the complications and advancement of kidney disease through nutrition. Using a nutrition strategy that is structured, yet avoids the rigidity of fad diets, clients are routinely able to successfully take charge of their own health. By gaining insight into your body and your eating habits, you too can learn the importance of healthy habits like monitoring your sodium, potassium, protein, and fluids intake, as well as your blood sugar levels. With access to this level of understanding, you can learn to manage the negative health effects associated with kidney disease or an elevated risk of kidney disease.

Kidney Disease

Find a Program That’s Right for You

David and his team invest their time in providing services such as

  • Individual nutrition and food therapy
  • Goal setting and education
  • Coaching and motivation
  • Cooking and meal preparation tips
  • Nutrient specific education for kidney disease
  • Support groups and programs
  • Mindful and intuitive eating techniques and approaches

And as with any of our services, clients have access to a number of useful TD Wellness community support groups, including those for bariatric surgery, diabetes care, eating disorders, and more general mindfulness practices.