Meet David

We Are in This Together

I believe food is medicine, balance in life, and building positive relationships with food and our bodies. My passion for food and nutrition comes from a profound belief that health and well-being is rooted in the harmony of mind, body, and the spirit. I believe in working with my clients to achieve a place of harmony, and at times that means working hard. The key is empathy and listening to my clients, building trust and understanding, and a little detective work. I am the youngest of nine siblings, with more uncles, aunts, and cousins that I can even count! When my mother was diagnosed with type-2-diabetes, obesity, and colon cancer, my life changed forever! I decided I needed to change course and begin to pursue my passion in nutrition. That passion in nutrition is grounded in intuitive eating principles, empathy with people I work with, and listening to our bodies. This believe continues to be the driving force within me!

Meet David

Many Insurance Companies Cover Our Services

I welcome you as a new client. Let us do all the messy paperwork that accompanies accepting many types of health insurance. No matter what your unique situation involves, we want to provide an opportunity for you to take back your health.

I look forward to helping you identify the link between the ingredients and the decisions that contribute to your happy story and bring trust back to your relationship with food and nutrition.

Dietician vs. Nutritionist – What’s the Difference?

Often times I get asked what is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist. The answer – A LOT!!! A registered dietitian nutritionist is a nutritionist and obtains their registration through a rigorous and fiercely competitive master’s level education program that includes a 1200 hour internship. These programs and internships are nationally accredited by ACEND (Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics).

After completion of the dietetic program and internship, the dietitian must also take a national board examination to be credentialed by CRD (Commission for Dietetic Registration), and depending on the state, they are also required to obtain a state license and maintain 15 continuing education hours yearly. In comparison, a nutritionist is any old quack!!! So, if you see RD or RDN after a nutritionist name, you’re almost guaranteed that they are a well­trained and educated nutritionist!