Smoking Cessation

Tobacco Is Smoke and Mirrors

Smoking Cessation

On average smokers and people that use tobacco products attempt, on average, 6-8 times to quit before they become non-smokers/tobacco users for life. This is important to know because there is no magic pill. Quitting takes commitment and hard work because more people that want to quit didn’t start tobacco use two days before quitting. So, an important first step in becoming a non-smoker/tobacco user is to acknowledge that you have to quite. Commitment is key, and awareness of why you smoke or use tobacco will help bridge your success in quitting. Most smokers have a simple idea of their patterns, but this awareness is to help gain a deeper understanding of the reasons why¬†you smoke, thus, how to quit successfully. Let David and his TD Wellness team guide you to success.

TD Wellness offers individual and group tobacco cessation programs to individuals or to organizations using the research-based Quit Smart Tobacco Cessation program. David is a certified Quit Smart counselor and has provided this program to various individuals and companies. If just one person quits, it could save the individual and company huge amounts of money through health savings and improved productivity, as well as for the individual personally. The program consists of the following

  • Six weekly sessions either individually or as a group
  • Quit Smart Kits and education material
  • Coping and relaxation techniques
  • Alternatives to tobacco use
  • Support based guidance and follow-up
  • Regular follow-up and updates

Become a non-smoker once and for all! Give us a call at 678-568-4717 or make an appointment online today, and we will help answer your question and get things started.