Turning 50 and Lasting Changes


“I began working with David in the fall of 2014. I was at a weight that was uncomfortable and my health parameters (i.e. cholesterol, triglycerides and HgbA1c) were not where I wanted them to be, especially as I was about to turn 50. David was encouraging from the very beginning. His approach enabled me to make lasting lifestyle/habit changes, and become more in touch with myself, my hunger, my satisfaction, and my triggers causing me to overeat. Over the course of several months I started to lose weight and gradually added in regular exercise, something I’d never previously done. Now, nearly 2 years later I’ve maintained my weight loss, my cholesterol and my HgbA1c levels are in a much healthier range. I routinely run two to three miles per day, three times per week. There is no question that David’s whole-person approach, and working with me from the inside-out made all the difference.”