Understanding My Struggles


My insurance and bariatric program required a nutritional evaluation by a dietitian, so I made an appointment with David to get this over with, to check it off the list of program requirements, and finally get my surgery. I had struggled with my weight my entire life. I tried so many diets and weight loss plans in the past, and things just didn’t last. In fact I gained more over the years than I had lost, and my health was really going downhill fast.

I couldn’t believe how understanding David was. He just gets it. He never judged or criticized my eating, but worked empathetically to help me understand my struggles and weight gain. He had me work on mindful exercises, exercises on eating after surgery, and we worked on my stressful and emotional eating issues. I was impressed at how David would listen and patiently unravel clues as to what caused me to eat large meals. I enjoy our sessions together and continue to come even though I’m now a few years past my surgery.