TD Wellness Services Offered

Every Individual is Unique

Here at TD Wellness we understand that there is no such thing as a universal healthy diet, meaning that people of all shapes, sizes, lifestyles, and current health levels have different needs when it comes to what is most nourishing to their bodies. We also know that people come to see us, or any registered dietitian nutritionist, for a multitude of reasons. Many of our clients come to us for assistance with weight concerns and general fitness, but many people come to us for guidance on managing or preventing diseases or simply enhancing their health. For that reason, we offer a services and programs around several of our most commonly reported client goals, while allowing for remarkable flexibility and personal attention to fit each individual’s needs.

Our current services include:

TD Wellness Services Offered

How Our Approach Differs?

Our serves and programs offer targeted and personalized support for each client, whatever their reason for seeking out TD Wellness. Participants receive one­-on-­one assessment in current nutrition, fitness levels, and wellness, and then ongoing private and/or group counseling in the same areas. One of our central philosophies is that the best healthy diet is the one that you can adapt to fit your life, and reasonably maintain. We also believe in striving for balance rather than striving for perfection.

With a balanced approach in mind, one of the core foundations of our approach is the process of learning and practicing mindfulness and cognitive restructuring when making food and fitness choices. Using this strategy of mindfulness and cognitive flexibility as a foundation for each of our programs, we also stress education as one of the most important tools in working toward a healthy body and lifestyle.

TD Wellness Services Offered

We Make Good Sherpas

Our guidance can include providing clients with meaningful information about general nutrition and fitness, as well as specific and specialized education about a specific complaint or health issue. For instance, clients receive education in foods to enhance digestive issues, or high blood pressure, or unbalanced production of insulin, to name a few common concerns. We also find that many of our clients have achieved great success in their quest for wellness, by joining one of our “Shape Healthy Programs,” in coordination with our counseling services. Additionally, as an important part of any of our services, clients have access to a number of useful TD Wellness community support groups, including those for bariatric surgery, diabetes care, eating disorders, and more general mindfulness practices.

In addition, to our health and nutrition services for individual clients, we also offer consulting services and programs to meet your needs when it comes to: