Watermelon Popper 4th of July Appetizer

A great 4th of July appetizer that includes harvests of the month - watermelon, jalapeño, and mint! It's a cacophony in your mouth of watery, sweet, and spicy (POP!) with a bite of umami from the pepperoni or cheese, and then a splash of honey sweetness with hint of minty freshness. Try these with friends for the 4th of July!

1 cube watermelon

1 slice pepperoni (optional: 1/4 oz. Toscano Parmasean and Sharp Cheddar Cheese)

1/8 teaspoon of honey

1 thin slice jalapeño

Pinch of mint, finely minced


1. Place one round of pepperoni (or - 1/4 inch slice of cheese) on watermelon cube

2. Top with a thin jalapeño slice (remove seeds to avoid extra spicy kick)

3. Drizzle lightly with honey

4. Sprinkle with mint.

5. Serve immediately

Nutrition Analysis:

Pepperoni option - 61 Calories, 7.2g Carbohydrate, 1.4g Protein, 3.3g Fat, 0.2g Dietary Fiber

Cheese option - 60 Calories, 8.3g Carbohydrate, 2g Protein, 2.5g Fat, 0.7g Dietary Fiber