Weight Concerns

It’s Never Just One Thing

If you are struggling with your weight right now it’s important to remember that you are far from alone. If we are honest with ourselves, we can see that standard weight loss approaches like diets, cleanses, detox, clean eating, and fitness programs have been a spectacular failure. History shows that we get lured by the next great snake oil; diet-this, belly-fat-that, and fitness extremes! What many of us think we know about nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle, are in need of a major update. At TD Wellness, David and his team believe in a more holistic and realistic approach. What else can we learn from the fact that most Americans are struggling to get to a healthy weight? We think it shows that too many Americans try to take on their weight problems by themselves, try diets and fitness programs over and over again, and continue the war with their weight, when evidence is clearly showing that people in programs that are supportive, holistic, and individualized with a non-dieting approach are more successful with their health struggles. Here at TD Wellness we recognize how difficult it is to try to change your lifestyle, but we have also seen how successful and transformational our clients can be when they have the support and tools they need to find greater balance in their relationship with food and eating. Let’s stop the struggle and move toward a new non-dieting approach!

Weight Concerns

Stop the Struggle and Find Peace

David and his dedicated team believe that there is no one­-size­-fits-­all approach to managing weight. When you begin working with David and his team, you -will receive in ­depth and personalized support in your journey to health. Our unique Shape Healthy Prevention program focuses on an approach to build a healthy relationship with your weight, that incorporates a peaceful strategy that clients can reasonably maintain because the war stops! Not only do we help you improve your health outcomes but we also support you in preventing negative habits and beliefs that spiral you back into the all­-or-­nothing of rigid or chaotic diets, plans, and extreme structure. This program includes a multi­-faceted approach to wellness, including:

    • Intuitive and mindful eating counseling and therapy
    • One-­on-­one food and fitness therapy
    • ​Lessons in structured AND flexible meal­ planning
    • ​Education in the metabolic effects of food and fitness choices
    • ​Education in diet traps, gimmicks, and fads
    • ​Building a foundation of a positive relationship with food and eating
    • ​Baby­ step approaches that endure and last a lifetime
Weight Concerns

Trust Yourself…and Your Instincts

Depending on your individual needs, we are happy to discuss bariatric surgery options or concerns. We are not above this approach, and believe that everyone has a right to choose what works for him or her. It is our job to work with a client, not against them. This solution isn’t right for everyone, but if it’s right for you, you can expect a nutrition evaluation, help with meal-­planning and mindfulness approaches, and continual support and education about the process. Finally, as with any of our services, clients have access to a number of useful TD Wellness community support groups, including those for diabetes care, eating disorders, and more general mindfulness practices.