When A Referral Makes Sense

Consider our Services for Your Patients

Physicians and healthcare providers know their clients. The sooner you can refer the greater likelihood we can reduce costly procedures, medications, and treatments for preventable illnesses. With more than two-thirds of adults overweight and an estimated 50% of the population predicted to have pre-diabetes or diabetes (leading causes of kidney and heart disease) by 2020, your patients need nutrition and lifestyle counseling more than ever. While medications are an important tool in managing health outcomes, many individuals will benefit from improved nutrition and increased physical activity.

When You Should Refer

Flexible and Customized Programs for Your Patients

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist-­Certified, I have helped hundreds of individuals manage their weight, diabetes, kidneys, and make positive lifestyle improvements. I would like to help your patients as well and offer several services that encourage individuals to lead healthier lives.

  • Nutrition and dietary counseling and therapy
  • Physical fitness and metabolic assessment and training
  • Shape Healthy ® weight management program
  • Diabetes Lifestyle program
  • Shape Healthy Kidney ® CKD program
  • Digestion and Gut Health
  • Eating Disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Tobacco cessation class and counseling

Understanding the importance of these preventive services, more and more insurance companies are starting to cover these services and yet many of my clients opt to self-­pay.

We are providers for:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare

When You Should Refer

We Accept and Manage Health Insurance for Your Patients

At TD Wellness, we provide all clients and patients with a super-bill (reimbursement form) for their out-of-pocket visit costs if we are not a provider for their plan or insurer. Also, many Health Savings or Flexible Savings accounts pay for nutrition consultations, so your clients will have a variety of options to choose from and I make sure to help clients find a way. We also offer discounted rates for Medicaid, uninsured or under-insured clients, or those that may qualify. Please visit our Insurance page for more details and making an appointment.

Because the new Affordable Care Act now requires more outcomes-driven healthcare, now is the time to take a more proactive stance in helping your patients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The TD Wellness team can help enhance the success of your patients through evidenced-based nutrition and lifestyle wellness programs.